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Home Energy Solutions Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE)


The Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (HES - IE) program is a free in-home energy efficiency service designed to help lower energy bills by making homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Connecticut’s HES - IE program was created through the joint efforts of the Department of Energy and Eversource.

What are the income requirements for Home Energy Solutions Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE)

Households living on a low or fixed income that is at or below 60 percent of the state median income are eligible for "Home Energy Solutions - Income-Eligible" (HES-IE) program. You will receive all the benefits of the standard HES program at no cost to you. Let us check your eligibility for you by submitting a request here.You may also view the income table on this page to see if you qualify.

Family Size Maximum Annual Income 
1 Under $39,027.14
2 Under $51,035.50
3 Under $63,043.85
4 Under $75,052.20
5 Under $87,060.55
6 Under $99,068.90
7 Under $101,320.47
8 Under $103,572.04

Do I still qualify for any Energize CT Rebates if I don't meet the income requirements/ for HES-IE?

Absolutely! The HES-IE program waives the co-pay for the audit. However, many of most generous Energize CT rebates apply to most Connecticut households. To get qualified for energy efficiency rebates, a household that is not eligible on the basis of income can still participate in the standard Home Energy Solutions (H.E.S.) program. Through this, your home energy audit will only cost you a $50 copay. Participants receive an average of $1,800 of value and savings from the energy efficiency work performed in addition to getting qualified for thousands of dollars of energy efficiency rebates and incentives.  Let us help guide you through the entire process. Inquire here

(Average of $1,350 labor & service value + $450 annual energy savings!)

Can renters benefit from Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE)?

Yes! The program is open to owners and renters alike. However, as a renter you will need to obtain your landlord’s approval for any modifications. For example, when drilling holes for blown-in cellulose insulation in walls or when replacing old drafty windows with energy efficient triple pane windows.

Get started with a FREE Home Energy Solutions-Income Eligible ("HES-IE") energy audit.

It's free-of-charge for eligible customers. Participants typically receive approximately $1,350 of weatherization and efficiency services and realize $450 of annual energy savings with the first HES energy audit appointment. That's approximately $1,800 of value and savings on day one.


H.E.S -IE Provides the Same Energy Services as H.E.S. with Zero Co-Pay!

What happens during a Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (HES-IE) visit?

Each home is unique and different households have varied energy usage patterns. This is why our energy efficiency technicians come in-person with an array of advanced tools to assess your needs. Typically, HCPs energy efficiency technicians will:
- Provide and install energy-efficient, compact fluorescent bulbs
- Caulk and weatherstrip drafty windows and doors (and assess if replacements are necessary)
- Seal holes and leaks with spray foam insulation
- Install sealing gaskets on door bottoms
- Asses your needs for attic insulation, garage door insulation and basement insulation and other air sealing interventions.
- Provide and install water conservation equipment such as faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads if needed
- Determine all the rebates you qualify for; including energy-efficient appliance rebates, rebates for blown-in cellulose insulation in walls, window rebates and more.

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What energy efficiency rebates and incentives do I qualify for with HES-IE energy audit?

During your energy audit, HCP's energy efficiency technicians will identify and recommend further energy-saving projects for your home. You’ll get an estimate of the energy you’ll save making each improvement. The more energy an improvement will save, the greater incentive you’ll receive. Most customers receive these added energy efficiency upgrades and improvements at little to no additional cost.

The energy efficiency rebates and incentives may include:
- Insulation rebates for attic insulation wall insulation
- Home improvement rebates such as ENERGY-STAR® certified window replacement rebates for eligible double-pane and triple-pane windows.
- Appliance rebates such as: vouchers to replace inefficient refrigerators to ENERGY-STAR® refrigerators, energy-saving water heater rebates, high-efficiency heat pump rebates, air conditioning installation or replacement rebates.
- UI rebates and Eversource rebates depending on your Connecticut utility provider and energy rates.

We’ll qualify you for all applicable CT energy rebates, submit all the rebate application forms and provide professional installation of your energy efficiency improvements.

Free? What's the Catch?

Why is Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE) Free?

There's no catch! The program is funded through public-private collaboration spearheaded by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund initiative known as "Energize CT". Every month, all Connecticans pay a small charge on their utility bill for the purpose of helping Connecticut residents make their homes more energy efficient. These funds are combined with other state allocations and are provided on the basis of need. Access the benefits that you are contributing to funding. Schedule a home energy audit now!

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Check your own electric or gas bill (*Combined Public Benefits Charge).

The HES program derives its funding from the collaboration of all the following partners

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Every month, you’re paying a small charge on your utility bill for the purpose of helping Connecticut residents make their homes more energy efficient.

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