Putting Barrier Remediation on the Map


The Challenge

Though a vast majority of Connecticut households are eligible for advantageous rebates and financial incentives to facilitate weatherization, nearly a third have been unable to weatherize due to pre-existing hazards in the home.


Potentially affected households


Average cost of remediation


HES-IE homes with Barriers


HES homes with Barriers

This map highlights the likelihood of pre-existing barriers and health hazards in Connecticut's towns based on the age of home construction, a crucial indicator.
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Common Barriers

Asbestos Remediation


Cost Range: $4,299 - $31,908
Average Cost $14,721

Mold Remediation


Cost Range: $11,305 - $35,575
Average Cost $23,886

Vermiculite Remediation


Cost Range: $3,318 - $38,114
Average Cost: $20,167

Housing Age

A crucial facet of this challenge can be traced back to the age of homes throughout the state. While newer homes often benefit from more recent construction, advanced materials and stringent rules on chemical composition evolved from our better understanding of health sciences, older homes are another story altogether. Older homes often suffer from structural damage and code violations as a result of deferred maintenance over longer periods of time. Moreover, homes built before 1970 are virtually all assumed to have asbestos, in addition to being much more susceptible to harboring other potential health hazards like water intrusion, mold and harmful chemicals like vermiculite and lead paint.

Magnitude of the challenge

Of homes we've worked with, roughly 80% percent have been eligible for no-cost energy savings services through the state’s residential efficiency programs. However, nearly 30% weren't able to weatherize due to health hazards discovered in their homes.


The Solution

These pre-existing hazards impact our health, our economy, the climate as well as the general well-being of residents throughout our state and beyond. For a problem of such broad scale, scope and complexity a concerted effort among all stakeholders is required. HCP allies itself with remediation and abatement contractors, government actors, community organizations, banks, hospitals and utility companies to help raise awareness, allocate funds and deliver solutions to this urgent issue.


Public-Private Partnerships

Health Organizations

Community Organizations

Utility Companies

Government Agencies