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Home Energy Solutions ("HES") Energy Audit: $50 Co-pay - $1,800 Average Value

Home Energy Solutions or "HES" is a comprehensive in-home energy efficiency service designed to help lower energy bills. It combines deep diagnostics with immediate remedial action into a single 4-6 hour visit from an energy efficiency team. Thanks to public funding, the service only costs you $50 (FREE if income-eligible). Our customers typically receive approximately $1,350 of weatherization and efficiency services and realize $450 of annual energy savings with the first HES energy audit appointment. In addition to a vastly more energy efficient and comfortable home, you also receive almost $1,800 of value and savings on day one.

What happens during a Home Energy Solutions visit?

HES is an essential first step for anyone in Connecticut exploring energy efficiency upgrades as it is extremely cost-efficient and qualifies you for thousands of dollars in energy efficiency rebates and gives you access to 0%/low-interest energy efficiency upgrade financing.

With Home Energy Solutions ("HES") by HCP, you get expert diagnostics, upgrade recommendations, and benefits from Energize Connecticut:

  • Have a professional, comprehensive plan for reducing heating & electric bills;

  • Achieve greater home comfort in all seasons through weatherization, insulation, and window upgrade services;

  • Maximize the return on energy efficiency investments in your home; and

  • Access rebates, financing, and incentives that significantly reduce out-of-pocket and overall upgrade costs.

Watch what happens during an "Home Energy Solutions" Energy Audit

Each home is unique and different households have varied energy usage patterns. This is why our energy efficiency technicians come in-person with an array of advanced tools to assess your needs and apply critical fixes throughout your entire home. Typically, HCPs energy efficiency technicians will do the following:


1) Certified Technicians Visit

Building Performance Institute & Utility certified technicians come to your home for in-person energy assessment & service.


2) Comprehensive Diagnostics

Home Comfort Practice energy efficiency technicians spend 4-6 hours performing comprehensive diagnostics and service.


3) Blower Door Testing

Our experts conduct this advanced air flow test to discover and quantify air leaks within your home's envelope.


4) Infrared Imaging

Using infrared imaging, we produce detailed thermograms of your ceilings and walls to gauge current insulation effectiveness and pinpoint problem areas requiring.


5) Air Testing

We test for carbon monoxide & gas leaks to ensure the safety of all members of your household.


6) Air Sealing

We caulk and weatherstrip drafty windows and doors and assess replacement needs and advanced air sealing upgrades to perfect the home envelope.

duct sealing

7) Duct Sealing

HCP techicians measure & seal leakage at and around all of your home's heating and cooling ducts.


8) Weatherization

Our techs seal holes and leaks with spray foam insulation while assessing comprehensive insulation solutions to perfect the thermal barrier.


9) Aerator Replacement

We provide and install water conservation equipment such as faucet aerators and efficient-flow shower heads.


10) Home Energy Score

We provide you with a U.S. Department of Energy - Home Energy Score based on our evaluation (like a "miles per gallon" score for your home)

Home Energy Score graphic

11) Report & Review

We provide a walkthrough and review of findings and installed measures. In addition, we'll present you with a cost-effective upgrade plan for creating a healthy, safe, and comfortable home including all home energy rebates & financial incentives you qualify for.

$1,800* of value for only $50? What's the catch?

Average of $1,350 labor & service value + $450 annual energy savings!

Why is Home Energy Solutions So Affordable?

There's no catch! The program is funded through public-private collaboration spearheaded by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund initiative known as "Energize CT". Every month, all Connecticans pay a small charge on their utility bill for the purpose of helping Connecticut residents make their homes more energy efficient. These funds are combined with other state allocations and are provided on the basis of need. Access the benefits that you are contributing to funding. Schedule a home energy audit now!

Access the benefits that you are contributing to funding!

You Have Already Paid! Check your bill!

Samplebill_redux (1)

Check your own electric or gas bill (*Combined Public Benefits Charge).

The HES program also gets funding from the collaboration of all the following partners

energy efficieny fund
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Energy Efficiency Services

We want your home to be as safe and energy efficient as it is beautiful. So, we provide a comprehensive range of home improvement solutions for residents of Connecticut


Get 4 to 6 hours of weatherization and efficiency services through a Home Energy Solutions energy audit. Also, access significant financial incentives -- rebates and low­-interest payment plans -- for home upgrades.


We provide expert diagnostics and insulation services that result in greater comfort and savings. You can even earn incentives by participating in Energize Connecticut programs. For a limited time, get rebates up to 100% of home insulation costs.


We install high­-quality, triple-­paned, super­-efficient, and amazingly affordable window products by National Vinyl. Beautify your home and maximize comfort and efficiency without breaking the bank. For a limited time, get $100/triple-pane window rebates.


We help you navigate the Energize Connecticut rebate process so that you spend less on home upgrades. For a limited time, get rebates up to 100% of home insulation costs and $100/triple-pane window.


Our upgrade advisors are your partners throughout the proposal, rebate, and financing processes. Take advantage of home improvement payment plans to make your projects more affordable, today.


Our air sealing and insulation services fortify your home’s thermal barrier. We take corrective measures for maximum comfort, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.


Ice dams are dangerous and destructive — they are highly preventable, too. Invest in our air sealing techniques and insulation solutions for ice dam prevention.

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Common Questions

What energy efficiency rebates and incentives do I qualify for with a HES energy audit?

During your energy audit, HCP's energy efficiency technicians will identify and recommend further energy-saving projects for your home. You’ll get an estimate of the energy you’ll save making each improvement. The more energy an improvement will save, the greater incentive you’ll receive. Most customers receive these added energy efficiency upgrades and improvements at little to no additional cost.

The energy efficiency rebates and incentives may include:
- Insulation rebates for attic insulation wall insulation
- Home improvement rebates such as ENERGY-STAR® certified window replacement rebates for eligible double-pane and triple-pane windows.
- Appliance rebates such as: vouchers to replace inefficient refrigerators to ENERGY-STAR® refrigerators, energy-saving water heater rebates, high-efficiency heat pump rebates, air conditioning installation or replacement rebates.
- UI rebates and Eversource rebates depending on your Connecticut utility provider and energy rates.

We’ll qualify you for all applicable CT energy rebates, submit all the rebate application forms and provide professional installation of your energy efficiency improvements.

Yes! For a limited time, Energize Connecticut is covering between 75% and 100% of Home Insulation Costs through Home Energy Solutions! We have the expertise to find all the rebates and low-interest payment plans for which you qualify. Get started now.

During an Home Energy Solutions (HES) visit, a utility-certified technician will evaluate your home’s energy performance and install energy-saving measures such as sealing air leaks and installing energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads. The technicians will also provide written recommendations for deeper energy -saving measures such as insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating, windows and appliances. To help you in making smart energy choices, your recommendations will include information on rebates and financing along with payback and investment information specific to your home.

Can renters benefit from Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE)?

Yes! The program is open to owners and renters alike. However, as a renter you will need to obtain your landlord’s approval for any modifications. For example, when drilling holes for blown-in cellulose insulation in walls or when replacing old drafty windows with energy efficient triple pane windows.

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