Energy Efficiency & Home Energy Solutions

A Home Energy Assesment (H.E.S) is the BEST first step for anyone exploring energy efficiency upgrades in Connecticut.

  • 1) Assess

    1) Assess

    Expert in-home energy diagnostics paired with basic remedial weatherization

  • 2) Qualify

    2) Qualify

    Get your H.E.S. Score & tailored energy efficiency upgrade plan.

  • 3) Upgrade

    3) Upgrade

    Claim all eligible incentives, file paperwork & schedule upgrades

Begin with a Home Energy Solutions Energy Audit HOME ENERGY SOLUTIONS


Home Comfort Practice can help you achieve energy efficiency and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers. Energy-efficient homes use less energy to heat, cool, and run appliances and electronics. This reduces energy costs, improves comfort, and makes for better health outcomes due to reduced exposure to indoor air pollution. In order to maximize the benefits, we begin with a detailed assessment, secure your eligibility for all available rebates, and then focus on upgrading your home. Continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of this method and how it can positively affect your home

Starting with a comprehensive energy audit is crucial to identifying areas where energy is wasted and recommending upgrades to enhance your home's energy efficiency. A Home Energy Solutions (H.E.S.) assessment provides advanced diagnostics and measurements of your home, resulting in a Department of Energy HES Score, which is like a "miles per gallon" rating for your home. HES also includes immediate remedial weatherization improvements performed by our experts that allow you to start saving energy and have a more comfortable home on day one.

An energy audit is not only the logical first step in improving your home's energy efficiency, it also makes you eligible for the best incentives available. Don't wait any longer and get started today.


Service Cost (free-of-charge if eligible*)


Average Annual Energy Savings


Weatherization Service Value


Average 1st Year Savings

HES Audits are affordable. In many cases, they're free-of-charge!

Thanks to public funding, H.E.S. only costs you $50. It could be free-of charge if you qualify for Home Energy Solutions Income-Eligible (H.E.S.-IE).

Use the chart below to evaluate your income eligibility for free service (otherwise, only $50).

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Maximum Annual Income Under $39,761 Under $51,996 Under $64,230 Under $76,465 Under $88,699 Under $100,933 Under $103,227 Under $105,521

After the Audit, It's Time to Upgrade! Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Once you're audit is complete, you'll receive your home energy score alongside tailored upgrade recommendations and corresponding rebates and incentives. Home Comfort Practice has the expertise to cover all your energy efficiency upgrade needs.

Insulation is one of the most effective upgrades for energy efficiency, and our BPI-certified technicians have the necessary training and experience to select and install the appropriate insulation materials for each job. We also work with EnergizeCT, Eversource, and UI to get you rebates for insulation upgrades. This not only saves you money on your energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint, which has environmental benefits such as combatting climate change and improving air quality.

Air sealing is also important for enhancing your home's energy efficiency. Our team can seal holes, leaks, ducts, vents, and windows to ensure that your home's thermal barrier is fortified, resulting in maximum home comfort, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency. This improves the health of your community by reducing air pollution and improving indoor air quality.

Energy-efficient windows are another key component of an energy-efficient home. Our team can install high-quality, triple-paned, super-efficient, and affordable window products that will reduce energy costs and improve your home's comfort. This helps you save on energy bills while also improving the resilience and reliability of your home's thermal envelope.

HCP will get you all the energy rebates you deserve. We'll submit all forms and maximize all available rebates for you. Several rebates are available for residential energy efficiency upgrades, including up to $15,000 combined incentives for qualifying air source heat pumps, $300 instant discount for residential gas condensing water heaters, rebates up to $15,000 for qualifying ground source heat pumps, $750 for qualifying units of residential heat pump water heater, up to $1.70 per square foot on approved insulation projects, $750 for qualifying natural gas boilers, $650 rebate for qualifying natural gas furnaces, $300 discount for residential tankless gas water heater, up to $85 instant rebate for residential thermostat, and $100 per window for residential triple pane window.

By taking these steps towards energy efficiency with Home Comfort Practice, you can reduce your energy bills, combat climate change, and improve the health of your community. Contact us today to schedule an energy audit and start your journey towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable home.

  • 1) Assessment

    1) Assessment

    Take the first step towards a more energy-efficient home by  scheduling an in-home energy assessment today.

  • 2) Qualification

    2) Qualification

    Our experts perform thorough in-home diagnostics and essential weatherization services to help you qualify for energy incentives.

  • 3) Upgrade

    3) Upgrade

    We provide your Home Energy Score and personalized upgrade plan, and take care of rebate claims, form filing, and scheduling upgrades.

Common Questions

What energy efficiency rebates and incentives do I qualify for with a HES energy audit?

During your energy audit, HCP's energy efficiency technicians will identify and recommend further energy-saving projects for your home. You’ll get an estimate of the energy you’ll save making each improvement. The more energy an improvement will save, the greater incentive you’ll receive. Most customers receive these added energy efficiency upgrades and improvements at little to no additional cost.

The energy efficiency rebates and incentives may include:
- Insulation rebates for attic insulation wall insulation
- Home improvement rebates such as ENERGY-STAR® certified window replacement rebates for eligible double-pane and triple-pane windows.
- Appliance rebates such as: vouchers to replace inefficient refrigerators to ENERGY-STAR® refrigerators, energy-saving water heater rebates, high-efficiency heat pump rebates, air conditioning installation or replacement rebates.
- UI rebates and Eversource rebates depending on your Connecticut utility provider and energy rates.

We’ll qualify you for all applicable CT energy rebates, submit all the rebate application forms and provide professional installation of your energy efficiency improvements.


Rebate: $1.70 per Square Foot
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 20 - 50
Learn More

Triple Pane Window

Rebate: $100 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $10000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 20 - 30
Learn More

Ground Source Heat Pump

Rebate: $1250 per Ton
Max Rebate $15000
Avg. Lifetime Savings $50000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 25 - 50
Learn More

Smart Thermostat

Rebate: $85 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $565
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 9 - 10
Learn More

Tankless Gas Water Heater

Rebate: $300 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $2000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
Learn More

Natural Gas Furnace

Rebate: $650 per Unit
Max Rebate $650
Avg. Lifetime Savings $1550
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
Learn More

Natural Gas Boiler

Rebate: $750 per Unit
Max Rebate $750
Avg. Lifetime Savings $20000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
Learn More

Heat Pump Water Heater

Rebate: $750 per Unit
Max Rebate $750
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 12
Learn More

Gas Condensing Water Heater

Rebate: $300 per Unit
Max Rebate $300
Avg. Lifetime Savings $1500
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 11
Learn More

Boiler Circulator Pump

Rebate: $35 per Unit
Max Rebate $35
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4800
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 15
Learn More

Air Source Heat Pump

Rebate: $1250 per Ton
Max Rebate $15000
Avg. Lifetime Savings $15000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 15 - 20
Learn More

Can renters benefit from Home Energy Solutions - Income Eligible (H.E.S. -IE)?

Yes! The program is open to owners and renters alike. However, as a renter you will need to obtain your landlord’s approval for any modifications. For example, when drilling holes for blown-in cellulose insulation in walls or when replacing old drafty windows with energy efficient triple pane windows.

Yes! For a limited time, you can recover between 75% and 100% of home insulation costs through Home Energy Solutions! The program is an initiative of Energize Connecticut. The program is funded by small charges you're already paying on your utility bills and allows you to access insulation services at reduced costs and potentially free-of-charge. By performing an Energize CT energy audit, Home Comfort Practice can qualify you for Eversource rebates and UI rebates. The rebates can apply to insulation, windows, appliances, and other energy efficiency upgrades. Get started now by scheduling a home energy audit. 

During an Home Energy Solutions (HES) visit, a utility-certified technician will evaluate your home’s energy performance and install energy-saving measures such as sealing air leaks and installing energy-efficient lighting, faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads. The technicians will also provide written recommendations for deeper energy -saving measures such as insulation, high-efficiency heating and cooling, water heating, windows and appliances. To help you in making smart energy choices, your recommendations will include information on rebates and financing along with payback and investment information specific to your home.


"I.R.A. Energy Efficiency Rebates & Credits

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