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  • Avatar Cristian Fiscella ★★★★★ a year ago
    Home Comfort Practice did a fantastic job insulating my home. The crew explained the whole process an worked efficiently. Would highly recommend this company.
  • Avatar WA1MIC ★★★★★ a year ago
    This company performed a free energy audit and then installed over $6000 in energy saving insulation material gratis. This program is a joint venture with the public utility company and the state. Also a reference to an HVAC company resulted … More in help securing a low interest loan for a new high efficiency oil fired boiler. You may get one at no co-pay depending on income.

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Home Energy Solutions Energy Audits in Brooklyn

This year, Home Comfort Practice has already performed at least 1 HES contract in Brooklyn. We are ready to assist residents in their pursuit to maximize their Brooklyn home's energy efficiency.

Take A Look At A Home Energy Audit Step By Step

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Overall Home Energy Solutions Adoption in Brooklyn

Since 2010, out of the 2643 households in Brooklyn, 519 have taken advantage of Home Energy Solutions and improved their homes' energy efficiency. Therefore, that's more or less 20% percent of all Brooklyn residences.

Home Comfort's Impact

Of this total, Home Comfort Practice performed 2 HES jobs.

Use our online tool to access ALL Connecticut energy efficiencyyou're eligible for!

  • 1) Assessment

    1) Assessment

    Answer a few questions and schedule an in-home energy assessment

  • 2) Qualification

    2) Qualification

    Our experts conduct deep in-home diagnostics and essential weatherization services to qualify you for energy incentives

  • 3) Upgrade

    3) Upgrade

    We provide your Home Energy Score and a tailored energy efficiency upgrade plan. We'll claim all assessed rebates, file forms and schedule upgrades.

Energy Rebates in Brooklyn

What home energy rebates are available in Brooklyn,CT?

There are numerous Energize CT Rebates in Brooklyn. Insulation rebates in Brooklyn can pay for anything from blown-in cellulose insulation to spray foam insulation up to $1.70 per sqft. For some households that allows for free insulation on their entire home after rebates. You may also claim window replacement rebates in Brooklyn covering $50 per double-pane windows or $100 for each triple-pane window installation.

How do I apply for energy rebates in Brooklyn,CT?

HCP will get you all the energy rebates you deserve; we'll assess you eligibility, submit all forms and maximize all available rebates for you. Qualify for rebates by getting an energy audit from an HCP utility-certified technician. Schedule your energy audit appointment in Brooklyn by clicking here.


Rebate: $1.70 per Square Foot
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 20 - 50
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Triple Pane Window

Rebate: $100 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $10000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 20 - 30
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Ground Source Heat Pump

Rebate: $1250 per Ton
Max Rebate $15000
Avg. Lifetime Savings $50000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 25 - 50
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Smart Thermostat

Rebate: $85 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $1800
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 9 - 10
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Tankless Gas Water Heater

Rebate: $300 per Unit
Max Rebate N/A
Avg. Lifetime Savings $2000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
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Natural Gas Furnace

Rebate: $650 per Unit
Max Rebate $650
Avg. Lifetime Savings $1550
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
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Natural Gas Boiler

Rebate: $750 per Unit
Max Rebate $750
Avg. Lifetime Savings $20000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 18 - 20
Learn More

Heat Pump Water Heater

Rebate: $750 per Unit
Max Rebate $750
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 12
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Gas Condensing Water Heater

Rebate: $300 per Unit
Max Rebate $300
Avg. Lifetime Savings $2200
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 11
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Boiler Circulator Pump

Rebate: $35 per Unit
Max Rebate $35
Avg. Lifetime Savings $4800
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 10 - 15
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Air Source Heat Pump

Rebate: $1250 per Ton
Max Rebate $15000
Avg. Lifetime Savings $15000
Avg. Lifespan (Years) 15 - 20
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Energize CT Rebates Claimed in 2020 from Energy Audits in Brooklyn.

So Many Unclaimed!

Too few households are aware of the various Connecticut energy rebates available to them. Households experiencing high winter heating bills in Brooklyn end up having to resort to energy assistance in Brooklyn. All the while, utility rebates in Brooklyn are sparsly used, even though households can use UI rebates and Eversource rebates to decrease their enormous Brooklyn Connecticut energy rates. Window replacement in Brooklyn cost thousands of dollars less by simply using window replacement rebates. Appliance rebates are the least claimed of all, yet they range from heat pump rebates to hot water heater rebates and are very generous.Home insulation rebates are not used either, even though many household could benefit from low cost of even free home insulation.
All it takes is a home energy audit to get qualified! What are you wating for to maximize your rebates?

Who's eligible for home energy rebates in Brooklyn,CT?

All residential customers of Eversource, UI, CNG, and SCG are eligible for the Energize CT program. Home Comfort Practice takes care of everything from determining your eligibility to filing the paperwork.

How many households have claimed energy efficiency rebates in Brooklyn, CT?

Approximately 39 residents have claimed energy efficiency rebates in Brooklyn. This represents about 1 percent of the total eligible households.

What does insulating a home cost in Brooklyn?

2021 wonderful Connecticut energy efficiency rebate programs means that your out-of-pocket insulation cost could be as little as $0.00. On average, homes in Brooklyn,Connecticut can expect to pay around $2,500 for a smaller home and $4,500 or more for a larger home. We're pros at tracking down all the energy efficiency rebates, subsidies and loans you qualify for. Home Comfort Practice helps you recover in the area of 75% to 100% of the cost to fully insulate your home. We'll insulate your Brooklyn home from top to bottom; wall insulation, attic insulation, garage door insulation down to basement insulation. Inquire for free right now

Energy Efficiency Financing Options in Brooklyn

What are the best home energy efficiency financing options available in Brooklyn, Connecticut?

There are various "green loan" or energy efficiency loan offers in Brooklyn, the 0% HES Payment Plan (Micro) Loan , the 0% Energy Conservation Loan (ECL), and the 4.99% Smart E-Bundle are all wonderful options.Home Comfort Practice was awarded CT Green Bank's Smart-E Loan Top Performers Award for providing excellent customer support and guidance with loans in Brooklyn and throughout Connecticut.


Interest-Free Energy Efficiency Financing at 0%

Many people refer to this type of loan as " free money" because you can get a loan amount ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 with 0% interest rate and a 3-year repayment term. The loan doesn’t require a credit check; payments are added to your monthly electricity bill for only 36 months.

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No-Interest Energy Efficiency Financing at 0%

The ECL is ideal for households with a limited income plan and comprehensive energy efficiency home upgrades. This type of loan has a wider range of loan amounts — you can get any amount between $400 and $25,000 without an interest rate. Moreover, you have 10 years (120 months) to pay back the loan.


Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Financing at 4.99%

If you’re looking for a home upgrade financing option with high flexibility and no income restrictions, then this is the loan for you. You can borrow any amount between $500 and $40,000 at 4.99% to 6.99% interest rate. The loan is available at 5, 7, and 10-year repayment terms.

Home Energy Solutions (HES): Brooklyn in 2020

Even amidst the complexities presented by the pandemic beginning in 2020, 29 homes participated in HES in 2020. Home Energy Solutions uptake in 2020 represented a decrease of -41% percent compared to the annual average of 49 HES energy efficiency audits performed within Brooklyn.

HCP was chosen by over 2 households in Brooklyn overall. In 2020 HCP didn't get the opportunity to work with any new Brooklyn homes.
This represents 3% of all Brooklyn HES home energy efficiency improvements undertaken in 2020. We'd love to work with more Brooklyn residents and have some excellent offers available to help you improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Brooklyn families can recover between 75%-100% of costs in rebates, 0% interest loans. That's $0.00 of out of pocket costs after rebates.Don't wait until these Energize CT programs offers expire. Improve your home comfort and capture the rebates and incentives you deserve now.

About Brooklyn, Connecticut

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Brooklyn joined the Clean Energy Communities program November 2014. The Town of Brooklyn located in northeastern Connecticut the Quiet Corner of the state. Settled in the 1600s and incorporated in 1786 Brooklyn is a quintessential small New England town. Although we are one of the fastest growing communities in Windham County much of our rural and colonial character has been preserved. Route 169 which runs through historic Brooklyn center is designated a Connecticut State Scenic Road and a National Scenic Byway. A drive on this road reveals the town character with views of orchards fields woods and colonial homes.

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