Community Outreach Representative

About Andrea-Hill

Community Outreach Representative

My name is Andrea Hill a community outreach Representive for Home Comfort Practice . I had been working for this company since 2017
I was introduced to this company by another outreach representive ,so impress she sign me up for employment .
Home Comfort Practice is excellent company to work for in helping the community.
My friends and family are so impress by saving in their utilities since they have sign up for the weatherization and insulation services.

Languages Spoken: English

Work Days: Monday to Friday

Contact Hours: 8AM to 5PM

Call Andrea-Hill: (203) 814-6220

Connect with Andrea Hill now.

Use the form below to reach out to me. I'll review your details and even start pre-filling any relevant forms!
You'll be given the option to schedule an appointment with me to meet in your home at your convenience. I'll reach back out to confirm the dates you select as soon as possible.

Home Energy Solutions Program Partners

energy efficieny fund

Thanks to public and private funding, HES-IE is free-of-charge for eligible customers. Participants typically receive approximately $1,350 of weatherization and efficiency services and realize $450 of annual energy savings with the first HESΒ energy audit appointment. That's approximately $1,800 of value and savings on day one.

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Help me by sharing your Home Energy Solutions experience with neighbors and friends. Please help us deliver free-of-charge weatherization and insulation services to more families. Everyone should benefit from lower heating and electric bills. Spread the word, and get rewarded for it!

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