Windows are the first look into — and out of —a home. Make the view better with Home Comfort Practice.

We are a trusted home improvement contractor in Stratford, CT, serving all Connecticut homeowners. As such, we do everything we can to make your home as beautiful, safe, and energy efficient as possible. Replacing old leaky windows will increase your comfort and decrease your energy bills. And, you can count on us to get the job done right. We take accurate measurements and use quality materials so you can get your money’s worth.

We provide different types of windows — wood and composite, vinyl, and specialty windows — to give you an incomparable range of options. Check them out, today. 

Wood and Composite Windows

Our high-quality wood windows elevate the look of your home. They add a natural beauty that can only come from the grain, color, and appearance of actual wood. Alternatively, you may opt for composite wood windows that combine the benefits of a fabricated exterior and the aesthetics of a natural wood interior.

Wood Windows
One of the first decisions homeowners make when replacing window is to determine the material of the windows. Choices include both vinyl and wood – for new construction and for replacement window projects. Wood windows can add natural beauty to a home that can only come from the grain of the wood itself.
Interior and Exterior Wood Windows

Provides a cohesive natural wood aesthetic both inside and outside a home. Whether the natural wood is then stained or painted, the wood window can enhance a home’s beauty. In addition to Vinyl Windows, National Vinyl offers interior and exterior wood windows for both new construction and replacement window projects.

Interior Wood and Aluminum Clad Exterior Windows

Combines the beauty of natural wood on the interior with a maintenance free cladding of aluminum on the exterior. Homeowners appreciate the aesthetic of the wood interior and appreciate the benefits of having a maintenance-free exterior. National Vinyl offers interior wood and aluminum clad exterior windows

CompositWood Windows
Best Qualities of Wood and Vinyl Windows

Our CompositWood windows offer the best qualities of both wood and vinyl windows – natural wood beauty on the interior and insect, moisture and weather resistant vinyl on the exterior. CompositWood is an engineered material that provides superior performance on many levels. Because of its unique solid core structure encapsulated with a rigid, pre-finished SuperCap surface, it has the lowest thermal conductivity compared to other typical window frame materials.

Proprietary Blend of Specialty PVC Polymer and Acrylic

CompositWood is a proprietary blend of specialty PVC polymer and acrylic resins that can be chemically or fusion welded to create superior, weather-proof joints – unlike fiberglass, aluminum, or wood that require mechanical fastening and sealants that can fail over time. And because of its chemical makeup, the material is readibly recyclable for future use.

Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl windows add beauty and elegance to your home. Design aside, they are actually a favorite among homeowners looking for a material that requires less maintenance than wood. Additionally, window manufacturing technology has designed vinyl to improve energy efficiency, making it a smart choice if you want to conserve energy or cut down on your energy bill.

Key Features

National Vinyl manufactures superior insulated clear glass, Low-E, or Low-E with argon gas windows engineered to meet today’s demanding energy standards for thermal performance. National Vinyl is proud to introduce Krypto-Lite a revolutionary triple glazed dual Low-e with double Krypton Gas fill. This process provides one of the best insulating windows on the market with an overall U-Value of .20…that’s an R-Value of 5! This will allow us to be one of less than 60 manufacturers Nationwide to be listed on the DOE R-5 program.

Fusion Welded

By fusion welding our frames and sashes, National Vinyl windows achieve both durability and strength. Sashes and frames are manufactured to be one solid piece with no seams or pieces to break.

Chambered Hollows

Multi-chambered hollows in frame and sash create greater insulating and structural value.

Memory Seal

Where the sash meets the sill we use a superior bulb seal which acts similar to the gasket on your refrigerator, providing a tight seal against water and air infiltration. This foam seal has a memory that will keep its shape even after months of being compressed.

Sloped Design

Our true sloped sill design provides optimal water runoff keeping you and your family dry.

Specialty Windows

Our specialty windows add architectural interest to your home. You might want to change up your typical double-hung windows to elevate your home’s aesthetic. So, consider replacing them with operable radius casement windows. You can even opt for operable octagon windows to add beauty and elegance to your living space. Or if you have a green thumb, choose garden windows on which you can shelve your plants.

Most of us are familiar with the windows we see every day – a Double Hung window is the most common. There are many different types of windows available today that can add both beauty and architectural interest to our homes. These windows include:

Garden Windows

Garden windows can expand your window out and provide space for “shelving” plants. Typically installed over kitchen sink, Garden Windows have a flat front, sides that open and a glass top. National Vinyl offers a fully welded, rigid PVC vinyl frame Garden Window for greater strength and stability. Multiple color and glass options are available.

Operable Octagon Windows

A classic window that adds beauty and elegance to any home, our Operable Octagon windows are engineered for both replacement and new construction, are fully welded, rigid PVC vinyl frame for greater strength and stability, will not rot, chip or peel and will never need to be painted.

Operable Radius Casement

An alternative to double-hung windows, casement windows have and easy-to-use crank to open the window. National Vinyl offers operable casement windows with heavy-duty custom extruded multiple chambered vinyl that provides maximum thermal efficiency. Frames and sash are fully welded for structural integrity. They come in many shapes including arch, eyebrow and trapezoid.

Arched Top Single-Hung Windows

With only one operational sash (versus two operational sashes in double-hung windows) National Vinyl offers single hung windows that can be designed to fit any window scheme, from colonial to contemporary in a variety of shapes and custom sizes.

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Home Comfort Practice is a fully-insured home improvement contractor in Stratford, CT.

We are an authorized contractor of Energize Connecticut as well as of BPI GoldStar. Moreover, our business owner is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. You can rest assured that we install the right windows for your house needs and design preferences. All our windows offer beauty and structural integrity.

Get in touch with us for all your house window needs. We will provide a wide selection of materials, colors, and grid style options for you to choose from.

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